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Damage for having Arab name

War of Iraq reaches company of Santo André

Artist Paula Ramos invited for Panel of Artists

Present exposition in Ribeira Market (Lisbon) of 21 to 23 of March of 2002

Artimagem already started

Mega exposition until to 24 of June in Central Park of Vila Nova de Santo André

Performance presented in the ruins - Zoom in Miróbriga

The sample patent in aparthotel Sinerama, Sines, up to 2 of September, integrates some tile panels of Paula Ramos authorship.

Paula Ramos confirms vocation

An exposition was showed...

Exposition of Tiling of Paula Ramos

Portuguese tiling in Alentejo...
Exposition Hotel Sinerama - Sines


Interview in Sic Notícias...

Ana Paula Ramos and Al Zulej, interviewed in the program "Hérois do Mar", transmitted by Sic Notícias.

Interview in Rádio Sines

Ana Paula Ramos and Al Zulej in Rádio Sines...