Victor Ramos
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     Formed in Engineering Agrarian Technique, he was one of the founders and manager of a Farming complex in Quiaios, Figueira da Foz, in 1977. 

     In 1991, Victor Ramos was one of the responsible ones for the agricultural activity in Odefruta, Odemira, having as responsibility the strawberry production.

     Equally responsible for the Farming activity, he performed this position in the Piaget Institute, Santo André in 1993.

     Conciliating his profession with the diverse courses of professional formation of agriculture and garden, for the Center of Formation of Santiago do Cacém, from 1993, he was directly on to the commercial activity in the area of the prospecting and direct sell of craft, working in special with the Atelier Paula Ramos, in Santo André.

     From 1999 he was the responsible one for the landscape architecture of the company AMA Karting - Kartódromo de Santo André, during the two following years, not continuing this project of this height for order of the management.

     In 2001 was one of the founders of the company Oficina Al Zulej, having as responsibilities the production area as also the area of execution of projects of external decoration and urbanism.