Luís Miguel Sequeira
     [email protected]    

   Formed in Engineering Computer science, he was in 1995 Founding Partner of Esotérica - New Technologies of Information, Lda.  passing the Director of Network Infrastructure in 1996. 

     Continuing still in the area of the Technologies, was one of the founders and Vice - President for the Technological Area of Yasp - Information Technologies, SA.

     In September of 2001 entered as Partner - Manager in Al Zulej – Artesanato, Lda., having as responsibilities the financial and international relations with the External Market.

     For beyond he having become an entrepreneur since early, Luís Miguel Sequeira is also book author diverse such as:

  • Co-author of the book "The future of Internet", April of 1999.

  • Winner in 1999 of the Prize Editorial Caminho of Scientific Fiction with the anthology  "Quatro Andamentos", published in 2001.

  • Co-author of the Anthology Symmetry of FC&F "Pecar a sete", with the publication of the story "Digno de um Mestre", in 1999.

  • Co-author of the Anthology  Symmetry of FC&F "A Viagem", with the publication of the story "Aerofobia", in September of 2000.

     Member of the Simetria - Portuguese Association of Fantastic Scientific & Fiction, in witch currently exerts the position of President.